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X9/30 - PANTENE: $4/1 Expert Collection Product *PG0831*
X12/6 - MINUTE: $.50/1 Rice Product *RP0914*
X10/19 - KELLOGGS: $1/3 Krave, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Honey Smacks and/or Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites Cereals (8.7oz or larger) *RP0907*
X10/19 - KELLOGGS: $1/2 Frosted Mini Wheats Cereals (14oz or larger) *RP0907*
X10/26 - KELLOGGS: FREE Gallon Milk WYB 4 Cereals (8.7oz or larger) *RP0914*
X10/11 - LOREAL: $4/2 Advanced Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Products (excludes 1.7oz) *RP0914*
X10/14 - SPARKLE: $.50/1 Pkg (3 roll or smaller) *RP0914*
X9/30 - VICKS: $4/1 QlearQuil Allergy Product (30 or 45ct, excludes nighttime allergy and sinus & congestion products) *PG0831*
X9/28 - EXCEDRIN: $2.50/1 Product (200ct or larger) *SS0727*
X9/30 - HEFTY: $1/1 Large Black Trash Bags *RP0727*
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9/14 INSERTS INCLUDE: Red Plum and Smart Source

9/14 SMART SOURCE WHOLE UNClipped Insert (SS0914 -1)

9/14 RED PLUM WHOLE UNClipped Insert (RP0914-1)

Missing Insert?
If it looks like the insert you're looking for hasn't been listed, it may just not have it's own page in the side tab yet. However, you can search for full set at once.
Every insert has a simple 6 character code, the abbreviation of the insert type (ss,rp and pg) and then the date eg. 0413. Type this into the search bar, and the entire insert will be shown.
If you have any questions feel free to email me. Happy couponing! :)


X12/6 - MINUTE: $.50/1 Rice Product *RP0914*

X12/31 - MAHATMA: $.50/1 Mahatma or Water Maid Product *RP0914*

X10/14 - SPARKLE: $.50/1 Pkg (3 roll or smaller) *RP0914*

X10/31 - CREST: $1.50/1 Sensi Relief, Sensi Namel, or Sensi Repair & Prevent Pate *RP0914*

New inventory will be added Sunday afternoon and as available throughout the rest of the week.

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Weekly Insert Subscription
9/14 Red Plum
9/14 Smart Source
8/31 P&G
8/24 Red Plum
8/17 Red Plum
8/17 Smart Source
8/10 Red Plum
8/10 Smart Source
8/3 Red Plum
8/3 Smart Source
7/27 Smart Source
7/27 P&G Coupons
7/27 Red Plum Coupons
7/13 Red Plum
7/13 Smart Source
7/6 P&G
6/22 Red Plum Coupons
6/15 Red Plum
6/15 Smart Source Coupons
6/8 Smart Source
6/1 P&G
6/1 Red Plum
6/1 Smart Source
5/18 Red Plum
5/11 Red Plum
5/11 Smart Source
5/11 P&G
5/4 Red Plum
5/4 Smart Source
4/27 P&G
4/27 Red Plum
4/27 Smart Source

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